LEAD Internship for Resort Operations Management

Leadership Experience & Accelerated Development

As a paid LEAD intern, you’ll experience a hands-on approach that ensures a full understanding of all resort disciplines. You’ll also acquire new skills and knowledge through mentoring opportunities, training, and networking with other LEAD interns, and get personalized attention from General Managers and Company leaders.

  • Intern at one of our beautiful and unique resorts
  • Develop essential Resort Operations and leadership skills
  • Engage with teams and fellow interns at other resorts
  • Attend self-paced and in-person classes
  • Enhance your knowledge and critical thinking with a capstone project
  • Upon graduation, you could have a supervisory position waiting for you
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Choose from one of these beautiful Bluegreen Vacations resorts for your internship:

LEAD Program | Summer 1

Through hands-on training and mentorship with resort staff, interns will participate in comprehensive rotations focusing on operational procedures, advanced systems and customer service across a range of disciplines including:

  • Guest Services
  • Food & Beverage (at certain resorts)
  • Resort Maintenance
  • Housekeeping
  • Resort Activities

Upon successful completion of the Summer 1 program, interns will be invited to participate in our Summer 2 program.

LEAD Program | Summer 2

Returning interns will train with resort ops teams in actual supervisory roles focusing on a specific discipline. If the internship is successfully completed, the supervisory role can lead to a full-time leadership position at a Bluegreen Vacations resort that includes a competitive salary, matching 401k, insurance and more as long as you’re open to relocating.

Internship Requirements

  • You must be a sophomore or junior currently enrolled in a hospitality major or minor with GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Campus or leadership experience strongly preferred.
  • Must be flexible for 11 weeks during the summer for a 40-hour work week.


"As the summer comes to a close, I would like to thank the Bluegreen Vacations’ LEAD Internship for providing me with an extensive hands-on experience within the resort operations industry. I have rotated throughout all departments of the resort including maintenance, housekeeping, and guest services at Club La Pension in New Orleans, completing an individual in-depth checklist for each department while simultaneously learning the importance of working together as a team. At the end of this 11-week program, I will present a Capstone project to my leaders detailing three innovative ways to enhance the guest experience and contribute to sharing happiness. I have experienced immense professional and personal growth thanks to weekly leadership and talent development classes and many networking opportunities with Bluegreen corporate leaders.The attention to detail and genuine care for my success is evident in this program as my ideas and feedback are always appreciated and encouraged. I am so happy I took this opportunity as it has given me greater insight into personalizing the vacation experience as I hope to move up in the #travel and #hospitalityindustry. Thank you Bluegreen Vacations! #BluegreenLEAD"

Elise Harmon Student at Ohio State University

"My LEAD experience with Bluegreen was more then I could have imagined. Two years ago when Dale Dobis spoke in one of my classes about the LEAD program I immediately went to him and asked how to apply for the position. Once I started the program I had in my mind that I would rotate from each department and learn the responsibilities of being an associate, but the first week at Harbour Lights in Myrtle Beach I knew that this internship was different then any other. Everyone at the resort was extremely nice and welcomed me in with warm hearts, even the resort manager was checking in on me at the end of every day. Also, the front desk manager took me in and showed me everything about the front desk system. It made me feel really happy to know that Bluegreen was spending their time to work with me and make sure I was getting all the information I needed to do a great job with any task I was given and all during the busiest time of the year. My first summer was an amazing experience that I don't feel I could have received in any other company. My second summer, I choose to concentrate in housekeeping and I was in charge of ordering, inventory, scheduling and handing out room assignments. Bluegreen took a chance on me and the outcome is amazing. #BluegreenLEAD"

Courtney Scott Student at Coastal Carolina University

"Every summer has it’s own story and the summer of 2018 has been a special one. I have had the pleasure of interning with Bluegreen vacations down in Myrtle Beach, SC. I’ve spent the summer rotating departments, floating throughout the five resorts down here. Aside from learning the in’s and out’s of each department and seeing how they all come together to make the guest’s vacation possible, I have learned a lot about BG as a company. I moved down to SC alone, ready to conquer the whole “independent” thing. To my surprise, I never felt more wholesome than when I was actually at work. Resort after resort I was astounded to see that all the people I worked with seemed to top each other in every way. From the second resort surprising me with a going away present to having some of the housekeepers take a selfie with me and making me send it to my mom to show her that I have people supporting me, the Bluegreen family has truly taken me in. I never thought I would find a company whose values align so perfectly with mine- to share happiness. Not only does the company always go the extra mile for the guest, but also for an intern who they only have known for 2-3 weeks. I cannot wait to continue my professional career with BG. Thank you Bluegreen. #BluegreenLEAD"

Kate Rosenblatt Student at the University of New Hampshire

"When it came time to start searching for summer internships early last winter, I stumbled across the Bluegreen Vacation LEAD Internship. It was a company I never heard of, so I decided to read further about what it was. “Through hands-on training and mentorship with resort staff, interns will participate in comprehensive rotations focusing on operational procedures, advanced systems, and customer service across a range of disciplines including guest services, food & beverage, resort maintenance, housekeep, resort activities, and more. So basically I had the opportunity to spend the summer trying out anything and everything involved in making the resort run, in order to find what I really enjoyed the most. It was the perfect program for me to finally have an answer to the question of what I wanted to do at resorts.” #BluegreenLEAD"

Read More Lena Daniels Student at Rosen School of Hospitality at University of Central Florida