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How do you keep a growing company with 5,000 employees and over 210,000 Vacation Club owners running smoothly? You build a dedicated Business Support team with depth and expertise across a range of vital sectors, from Accounting and Club Services to Human Resources, Mortgage, Construction & Development and many more.


I love that Bluegreen focuses on fostering an environment where personal growth and professional development are of great importance! In my time at Bluegreen Vacations in Club Services I've had the opportunity to continuously learn by moving across roles and assisting with special projects. Every day is filled with new learning opportunities. The positive attitude exudes throughout the company, and I truly enjoy working with great people, I've enjoyed and appreciated the company's focus on work-life balance and knowing they care about their owners and employees. I can genuinely say I enjoy my job and love being a part of the company. I look forward to many more years!

What could be more fun and rewarding than helping people go on vacation as your career? I have been with Bluegreen for over two years and have yet to find an answer to that question. I enjoy coming to work every day and I look forward to speaking with our owners and helping them plan that special family reunion or the once-in-a-lifetime proposal I was able to help with, she said yes by the way. Between our wonderful owners and my amazing co-workers, I truly look forward to coming to work each day!