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After receiving sales training delivered by our own Performance Development Team, you will be part of the sales team for the summer. Our LEAD Sales Interns meet face to face with potential customers (guests) at one of our preview centers. During the summer, you will:

  • Talk with guests about their travel preferences and dream vacations
  • Provide tours of our model units
  • Enjoy working in an upbeat, fast paced sales environment
  • Sharpen your presentation skills and confidence


"My LEAD experience with Bluegreen was more then I could have imagined. Two years ago when Dale Dobis spoke in one of my classes about the LEAD program I immediately went to him and asked how to apply for the position. Once I started the program I had in my mind that I would rotate from each department and learn the responsibilities of being an associate, but the first week at Harbour Lights in Myrtle Beach I knew that this internship was different then any other. Everyone at the resort was extremely nice and welcomed me in with warm hearts, even the resort manager was checking in on me at the end of every day. Also, the front desk manager took me in and showed me everything about the front desk system. It made me feel really happy to know that Bluegreen was spending their time to work with me and make sure I was getting all the information I needed to do a great job with any task I was given and all during the busiest time of the year. My first summer was an amazing experience that I don't feel I could have received in any other company. My second summer, I choose to concentrate in housekeeping and I was in charge of ordering, inventory, scheduling and handing out room assignments. Bluegreen took a chance on me and the outcome is amazing. #BluegreenLEAD"

Courtney Scott Student at Coastal Carolina University

"When it came time to start searching for summer internships early last winter, I stumbled across the Bluegreen Vacation LEAD Internship. It was a company I never heard of, so I decided to read further about what it was. “Through hands-on training and mentorship with resort staff, interns will participate in comprehensive rotations focusing on operational procedures, advanced systems, and customer service across a range of disciplines including guest services, food & beverage, resort maintenance, housekeep, resort activities, and more. So basically I had the opportunity to spend the summer trying out anything and everything involved in making the resort run, in order to find what I really enjoyed the most. It was the perfect program for me to finally have an answer to the question of what I wanted to do at resorts.” #BluegreenLEAD"

Read More Lena Daniels Student at Rosen School of Hospitality at University of Central Florida

"This summer I had the opportunity to intern at a Bluegreen Vacations resort called Shenandoah Crossing in Gordonsville, VA. I knew I had managed to land a decent gig going in but I had no idea the impact it would have on my life and future. I spent 11 weeks working with incredibly knowledgeable managers, attending professional development classes and learning about each department from Guest Services to Equestrian to Housekeeping from the ground up.Not only did I grow professionally but I grew a lot personally which helped me to refine my personal philosophy. In my exposure to the different facets resort operations one discipline called to me above all others. Engineering/Maintenance. I was offered the opportunity to return to Shenandoah Crossing in June 2020 to complete the second summer of the internship and hopefully become an Engineering Supervisor upon graduation of the LEAD program.

Now going into my Senior year of college I begin to once again feel that bittersweet sting of impending graduation. While the path out of college seems secure and certain, a fog still lingers up ahead. I do not know where Bluegreen might take me, however I can smell adventure in the air. #BluegreenLEAD"

Benjamin Gerlach Student at Missouri State University

"As this summer has come to an end and I reflect back to my internship with Bluegreen Vacations. I can honestly say I was challenged to critical think, exposed to the different departments, and received hands on experience. I also was able to enhance my communication skills by translating in Spanish whenever I could. I had a great mentor Scotty C. who supported me through out and most of all believed in me. I was encouraged to explore my likes and dislikes and seek what truly drives me. Sky is the limit. While, shadowing the different departments I was able to build many relationships and listen to the advice and learn from the experiences of leaders and associates throughout the resort. Everyday I learned something new.

I also want to thank Grayson R. who was my Co-intern throughout this journey. You introduced me to so many new things and it was a pleasure working with you.

Now on to my Senior Year! Cannot wait to see what this year holds! #sharehappiness #bluegreenLEAD"

Escarle Turcios Student at University of New Hampshire

"My first summer as a #BluegreenLEAD Intern has come to a close. I traveled to the Ozarks and joined the staff at The Falls Village Resort in Branson, MO. Over a 3 month span I gained first-hand experience in resort operations while rotating through 6 different departments including Guest Services, Activities, and Housekeeping. In addition, I received exposure to valuable financial skills such as forecasting and budget creation/management. Not only did I work alongside amazing managers and supervisors, but I had the great opportunity to talk and network with senior and executive leadership at Bluegreen Vacations through weekly learning sessions.

Thank you Scotty C.,Hilary C.,Brandi G.,Randy B.,Angela B.,Stephanie J.,Yogi M. for providing me with guidance and a memorable summer internship. Thank you Escarle T. for being an awesome co-intern, I am so happy to have met you!

Now back to Virginia Tech to close out my senior year with a BBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management and a minor in Spanish."

Grayson Redmond Student at Virginia Tech

"I have finished another summer as an LEAD intern at Shenandoah Crossing Bluegreen Vacation Resort. This summer I was in the housekeeping department, learning and developing to become a supervisor. I was challenged as a leader, but had amazing mentors and support to help me shape my personal and professional growth. I have accepted a position as a housekeeping supervisor here at Shenandoah Crossing. I am excited for this next chapter in my life and to see what my future has in store with Bluegreen! #BluegreenLEAD"

Emilee Ethier Student at Southeast Missouri State University